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Inlaid Thermoplastic

The "CreaTherm High Traffic Surfacing System" consists of imprinting a pattern into a heated asphalt surface,  lifting the pattern stencil and filling the imprint with thermoplastic specially tooled to fill the imprint.  The thermoplastic is then heated providing a bond to the asphalt. The surface is left to cool and is ready for traffic.  

Typical applications for CreaTherm

  • Cross-walks
  • Walk-ways
  • Exit and entrance ramps
  • Safety Zones... Schools and Hospitals

  • CreaTherm can be applied into all new and some existing asphalt surfaces.

    Features and Benefits

  • Fast installation
  • Quickly open to traffic
  • Thermoplastic inlaid to prevent wear
  • Flexible and conforms with the asphalt surface
  • Creates no hazardous waste during application
  • Several patterns and colors to choose
  • Handles nothern climate freeze thaw cycles
  • Surface friction same as adjacent asphalt
  • Easly repaired, invisible seams
  • Thermoplastic is oil and gas impervious
  • Deicing salt resistant
  • Snow plow blade resistant
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