CreaPlast Verkehrsfläche

Thermoplast joint

CreaPlast Bürgersteig

Thermoplast joint

Inlayed Thermoplast

Creatherm - high load traffic surfaces

Creatherm is a thermoplastic material that is laid in the stamped asphalt. As it lies flush with the asphalt surfae, it is very resilient against heavy load caused by traffic.

CreaTherm is able to withstand stress. The advantages are:

  • No trip hazard
  • Fast installation over a few hours
  • Withstands high loads
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Numerous design possibilities
  • Increased traffic safety

CreaTherm is an asphalt design system for highly stressed traffic surfaces. The selection of a quality covering guarantees the long lifespan of the laid Thermoplasts. The attractive appearance captures the attention of the road user. Due to its fast installation traffic is only disturbed for a short period of time.