-waterproofed or drainage

-mobile mix technique

-european wide

-robust construction

-Bus traffic qualified

-easy to repair

Coloured Asphalt

CreaPhalt with coloured facings

Heavy-duty coloured surface layer in more than 100 colours

For surfaces subjected to very heavy loads (bus stops, highways, bridges) – where CreaStone, CreaBond colours come up against their technical limits. We supply coloured surface layers in more than 100 colours. It can also be used just for design. We can also print it.

Conventional coloured asphalts manufactured using clear binding agents are often unsuitable for high traffic loads and suffer from thermal problems.

CreaPhalt is characterised by the following properties:  

  • For very high traffic or for high traffic at a thickness of 1-2 cm
  • printable
  • no thermal problems, even if subjected to direct sunshine or frost
  • no rut formation
  • enables concrete superstructure to bridge cracks (expansion joint)
  • available in 100 colours with colour-adjusted minerals
  • available as a waterproof coating or drainable